How do I view my registered points?


Login to Cancuracao's secure system

  1. If you are having difficulty logging in please refer to the link below

How do I register and login?

  1. from the Dashboard click the "Accreditation Report" icon

    or you can access this page by selecting "Reports/History" on the left sidebar menu and selecting "Accreditation Report" from the drop down menu

  2. Select the year(s) you want to review and click the "View Report" button
  3. After reviewing the points and approving them you will have the option to select and send your reports to SVB

How to send your report to SVB

  1. Select the year(s) you want to send
  2. Select "SVB Curacao"
  3. Click "Submit Report"
  4. A confirmation report will be sent to the email address you provided in your CAN account
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